Youth Ministry


Victory family church international youth ministry is aimed at bringing together the youths in fellowship as brethren in love and the light of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

To serve God through identifying our gifts and callings, that we may walk worthy of these callings as God has called us.

To serve our communities through outreach ministry, extending the love of God to the world giving hope to the hopeless, comforting them with the same comfort with which God comforts us, deliberately shining our lights to the world that men shall come to the knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ.

Through different interactions in fellowships and bible study, we edify each other growing in the word of God and also intentionally become the leaders, pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists and prophets of God that He ordained us to be even before the foundation of the world.


Being transformed.


For the year 2020, the word of God that came to us was being transformed under the theme THE RENEWED MIND [ROMANS 12:2-3].We are aiming at letting  God transform us into new people by changing the way we think ,through his word that we may walk according to His will. The message in our hearts and lips is of being transformed as the youths into people that God wants us to be , letting go of the old nature and put on the new man.[COLLOSIANS 3:10] now that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus.[2 CORINTHIANS 5:17]. 


Youth fellowship [Mondays 8pm to 10pm].

Online bible study [Fridays 8pm to 10pm].

Worship team practice [Saturdays 3pm].

Youth prayer meetings and worship evening.

Youth services.

Youth annual conference [July 17th, 18th and 19th, 2020].