Outreach Mission

Evangelism-Outreach-Missions: We believe in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost for the purpose of fulfilling the great commission. We do by holding Gospel crusades, supporting other churches and ministers of the Gospel, (supporting missionaries) who bring the gospel to distant people… Also, as a local outreach we show God’s love by helping the poor, sick, needy and elderly through various ministries.
There is an office for evangelism in the church to help the body of believers to be witnesses for the Lord; not all are evangelists but all are witnesses.
We believe that Jesus our Lord shall come again to gather His church to Himself, we call this the rapture. We also believe He comes again to judge the world, to raise the dead and to set up His eternal Kingdom beginning with a thousand-year reign on earth called the millennium followed by His eternal kingdom where all believers shall spend eternity with God in the place Jesus promised to prepare for us as in John 14:3.

We also realize that Christians refer to end times events, their occurrence and the timings and do not place emphasis on how to prepare for such times and sanctification (Joshua 3:5) for the return of Jesus Christ, that’s why we put emphasis on righteousness, the true doctrine of the Pentecostal Gospel of Jesus Christ and Love for God and one another as in Matthew 22:37-39.